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At TapalTex®, we offer multiple customization options for fabric texture, a variety of sizes, and fabrication from all kinds of fibers; organic or synthetic. We have multiple lines and our entire machinery has been imported from the best brands Apart from good coverage and excellent moisture support, our spunlace nonwoven fabric is free from any chemical agents. The products we manufacture cater to a host of applications, for example, hygiene, beauty, garments, automobiles, industrial, geotextiles, home decor, and footwear industries. We are at your doorstep in Pakistan and a call away from anywhere in the world with the best possible solutions at competitive rates, making us the most suitable choice for your industrial needs and business growth!



Excellent strength to weight ratio

Even surface and breathability

Textile-like fabric feel and lint free

Good absorbency and bulkiness

Excellent processability

High Resiliency

Non-toxic, non-irritating and good bacterial protection

High processing speed and low process cost

High customization options with wide application areas

Option of using various types of Raw material and blends

Environment-friendly process with high natural resource conservancy

OEM & ODM Services through Customized Mother Rolls

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